Devotions and Bible Study

Are you close to God? Could you be closer?

Closeness with God is a desire for many. How does this work for us? Tap the blue letters to read more.

Are you close to God?
    Talking to God, seeking his guidance, seeking his strength can help us navigate through any ups and downs of our daily living.  In the book of James 4:8 it reads "Come close to God and God will come close to you..."
    Some people experience a level of closeness with God that really is intimate.  It can take some time as we learn to fully trust in God, and push aside our wanted agenda.   Plus, we face so many distractions in this world.  Those little petty things get more attention than they deserve.
   Reading the Holy Bible we learn to know more about God and His character.   Just like any other relationships, it can take some time...but that relationship becomes a blessing to us.
   Bookend your days with thanks toward God!   Avoid things that God hates.  Take a look at Proverbs 6:16-20.  You will read six things that the Lord hates. 
   Worship and Bible Study class can also aid you in growing closer to God.   
   What is stopping you?  God desires a beautiful relationship with YOU.   Start now. 

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